Mini Cooper Racing History

History of Mini Cooper Racing in the USA

This is my working title for what we hope will be a lasting contribution to the people, cars and community that has made the Mini an icon.

The Mini Cooper was first produced in 1959 and it did not take long before the first ones reached the shores of the US. Many famous and not so famous people have owned, cared for, lived with and raced a Mini. While the Mini was inspired by the need for an everyday car, it is it’s competitive feel and experience that has made it what it is today!

We would like to chronicle that racing heritage as experience by any and all people (famous and not famous) and help preserve it to history.

The story is about the Mini and the people that drove them. This is an opportunity to share all you know about Mini racing. Everything from local solo events to Trans-Am racing- you name it we want to collect the information.

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